Restoring original visitor ip with Cloudflare and Nginx

How to restore original visitor ip with Cloudflare and nginx

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Who doesn’t know Cloudflare yet? Cloudflare is one of the most used CDN (Content Delivery Network) providers in the world. Using a CDN in front of your tipical web server (For example nginx) provides a lot of advantages, like lower response times, increased security by hiding your real server ip address, and in the case of Cloudflare a lot of different features. On the other hand since Cloudflare acts as a reverse proxy some of your apps (Log analyzers, or any other kind of app that requires your visitors ip addresses) might stop working at all since your server won’t be able to get the real ip addresses of your visitors anymore.

Mining Ethereum using Windows 10 and a GTX 1080

How to mine Ethereum using Windows 10 and a GTX 1080

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If you are into cryptocurrencies probably you already know about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency and the most popular, but it’s not the only one, there are more. Some of them are only simple (and bad) Bitcoin copies, but others are innovating by incorporating new technology like smart contracts, like Ethereum. Nobody knows if those cryptocurrencies are going to prevail in the future as a form of payment, or if they are just speculative investments, but nobody can question that their popularity is rising.

Setting up OpenVPN 2.4 with EasyRSA 3

Setting up OpenVPN 2.4 with EasyRSA 3

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Nowadays spies are everywhere, governments, ISP, marketing campaigns… they want to make a profit and take advantage of uninformed Internet users. If you want to keep this cat-mouse game of privacy, one of the more basic things you must do is setting up a VPN service for connecting to the Internet. When done all the traffic originated in your devices will be routed through the server, with the additional advantage of having a private lan between all your devices, or for example you will be able to connect securely to open wifi networks without worries of your data being intercepted.